“Resist them. Fight.
Promise me you will do this not for me but for you.
Or else live your life, all of your life, in regret
for the one taken from you…”

A United States D.E.A. agent…
A Bible-quoting foreign missionary…
A Hollywood motion picture director…

When the computerized airline booking system seats three travelers together on a fateful flight from Dallas, their lives become entangled in deceit, espionage, danger and incredible adventure!

DEA Agent Fritz Hauser battles leftist revolutionaries, a corrupt secret police, insane military extremists and greedy drug lords as he investigates the mysterious, decades’ old murder of his fiancé, her two fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, and a group of Belgian nuns, the Sisters of Saint Francis.

Rich Mussler’s characterization of the straight-talking Texan who “does things his way” is told with his customary style, guile, humor and wit. A story of intrigue, of suspense and of God at work in mysterious ways… the Twisted Texan in: Trial of Justice.

Trial of Justice

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